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A for Airdrop, B for Bitcoin..

Hello friends! 🙋‍♂️

Wanted to do this short write-up on common terminologies and slang used in the crypto-verse to get y’all up to speed. You will come across these terms very often and it would suck to google them each time so wanted to compile the most common ones here. Written for complete beginners as well. Let’s go!

  • Alpha – A key piece of information, if acted upon, could lead to outsized gains on an investment.
  • Airdrop – Distribution of a coin/token for free to selected users.
  • APR – Annual Percentage Return. It’s the rate for lending/borrowing that’s calculated annually. Does not include compounding. 120% APR means 10% interest per month.
  • APY – Annual Percentage Yield. This is the compounded rate of return. For example – 10% interest would compound each month over the next 12 months.

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