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Crypto mining: Tech + Economics

Explained by an Indian miner 🤠

Hello friends! 👋

A substack created on crypto is incomplete without a post on mining so here we are. But there’s no way I could explain the financial feasibility given I do not mine crypto so I brought in India’s #1 mining solution platform to lay it bare for you!!

We have the Co-Founder of MB Miners [My Blockchain Miners]Sarthak Gangwar, co-authoring this post to answer all the burning questions related to mining and the technical and economic feasibility of doing one at your own place. Before we dive into the conversation, I’ll share a primer on what mining is. LFG 🚀

Think of blockchain as a country and crypto as the native currency of this country. In order to attract citizens (users) to this country, there needs to be security and transparency across all levels among other things. So someone has to take the responsibility and accountability for providing these features and whoever does that would be rewarded by the country. This simple strategy lies at the core of a public blockchain.

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