B75 USB 8GPU Mining Motherboard + Random CPU LGA1155 + DDR3 4GB 1600Mhz RAM | COMBO


The B75 USB-BTC motherboard uses all-solid capacitors to make the motherboard more stable; it supports LGA1155 CPU and uses the B75 chipset to give full play to the CPU performance; the motherboard is suitable for the mining industry due to its low price and rich expansion interfaces.

CPU type: Support For 1155

CPU socket: LGA_1155

Memory type: support 2*DDR3

Maximum memory capacity: support a total of 16G, a single maximum of 8G

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Mining Motherboard + Random CPU LGA1155

B75 USB 8GPU Memory description: support 1333/1600MHz frequency

Chipset: For B75 Express Chipset

Audio chip: N/A

Network card chip: 1*REALTEK 100M network card

The appearance and color of different batches of products may be different, which will not affect the use

1. Display interface: 1*HDMI-compatible, 1*VGA

2. USB rear: 2*USB2.0

3. USB front: 1*USB2.0

4. USB rear: 2*USB3.0

5. USB front: 1*USB3.0

6. Hard disk interface: 4*SATA

7. Graphics interface: 8*PCIE1X (USB transfer)

8. Network card interface: 1*LAN 100M network card

9. B75 USB 8GPU Memory slot: 2*DDR3

10. CPU socket: LGA (1155)

11. Chipset: BGA (B75)

12. B75 USB 8GPU Hard disk interface: 1*MSATA

13. BIOS initial restoration: JCMOS

14. Speaker interface: 1SPK


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